About me

About me


(the viewer

One of my paintings from

Café Strandgatan/

Immanuelkyrkans spring 

exhibition 2015,

I am a author, illustrator and substance abuse and CBT therapist, though currently I am not working as a therapist as i spend all my time writing.

I have studied writing in various genres, political writing, dramatic narrative, script, fiction and general creative writing. I made my debut as a children's book author but today I write for both children and adults. Though I write in different genres, children's books and Short story have always interested me the most.

I also have a strong background in art from the Art School in Halmstad. I prefer to work abstractly and colorfully in acrylic on large canvasses, but, lately, I have developed an interest in illustrative drawing. My latest book is a coloring book for children.

In 2018, three of my illustrations were selected for the Gallery Bluelight juryrated scholarship exhibition, Halmstad.

Aside from working on my own projects, I am also a board member of Halland`s Author Society, an associaton for writers, translators, illustrators,publishers, book designers and cultural writers in Halland, Sweden.